REGISTRATION: Any Registered Medical Practitioner or Medical Establishment in India can take the membership of LEGAL PULSE, after remitting the requisite membership fee.

  • Legal Pulse cover will start from the day off remittance of the membership fee along the completion of documentation of membership agreement.

DOCUMENTATIONS: Legal Pulse will send the membership agreement documents along with the enrollment latter, Legal Pulse’s payment received, indemnity policy documents, membership card & medical consent form, directly at the members address, either after enrollment or renewal of membership agreement.

  • Legal Pulse will process the documentations of the claims, according to the original insurance contract, renewable every year.
  • Delay in renewing the policy due to the fault of member shall automatically cease the monitoring liability.

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Client Testimonial

I am extremely satisfied by the services of legal pulse for last 4 years.

Dr. H.R Pippal, Paediatrician

Law updates provided by legal pulse regarding medico legal cases are extremely helpful in understanding laws relating to medical science.Conferences organised by legal pulse are informative and useful.

Dr. Neha Khare , Dental Surgeon

Legal pulse has played a key role in my dental practice. They have handled false and frivolous complaint filed against me at the very initial stage. Legal pulse keep me motivating to do my dental practice without adopting defensive treatment options.

Dr. Prashant Tripathi , C.E.O Denasia