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The diagnosis and treatment of disease pertaining to human being is a very risky profession as it is accompanied by a high degree of morbidity and mortality. Previously medical professionals were mainly worried about failing to save the life of a patient or providing satisfactorily treatment to a sick person. No they also worry about the legal consequences of thier failure. So, to this ancient risk of professional failure has been added the modern risk of providing economic compensation for the damage caused to the patient as result of actual or percieved negligent treatment.

Medical professionals commit errors despite prudence and care in thier day to day medical practice such as incorrect diagnosis, wrong treatment, and lack of consent. Any such blunder may result in harm to the patient or even death. This inherent fallibility in the medical profession is directly related to legal action. Hence, medical professionals will now have to learn about moral and legal fallibility while performing thier duties. In order to overcome such situation, Legal Pulse aims at providing door step risk management service to the member doctors.

We are Medico Legal Advisers and Consultants .We provide legal coverage to doctors and medical establishment (Hospitals) where in , when any kind of legal proceeding is initiated against a doctor and if he is our registered member, then its the responsibility of legal pulse to provide a competent lawyer to them which specializes in medical negligence cases.Apart from the one time premium, a doctor or hospital is under no obligation to pay any extra amount during the whole trial of the case. We defend the case from district court to supreme court.

Seeing the recent scenario wherein cases of medical negligence has become a tool to mentally harass a doctor to extort money from them. And when such case is filed it is a total chaotic situation for any doctor. Firstly, his/her individual practice is disturbed due to regular visits to lawyer and court. secondly, unable to find a lawyer who specializes in medical negligence cases. and thirdly, monetary loss. We think that having such kind of coverage is very essential for every doctor because even though a doctor is not negligent in performing his/her duties, still they have to face the legal hassles.


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Legal Pulse Medico Legal Advisors & Consultants Pvt founded by National Law University alumni's and Management alumni's , who are dedicating their services to protect medical practice of doctors and medical establishments from all types of medico-legal problems initiated against them under any Act, Law or Rule.. Legal Pulse claims to achieve his objective with the help of best experienced team of lawyers and medico legal experts.